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Consulting Packages

Find one that works for you

  • Backend Business

    Let us help you get your businesses' ish together
    • How to set up your LLC with your state
    • How to set up your business bank account
    • How to set up your booking site
    • How to make yourself an employee of your business
  • Training Curation

    Let us help you design your very own training course.
    • A fully customized training manual available printed/online
    • Kit curation assistance
  • Brand Identity

    Give your Brand and Identity by teaming up with Lash Collab!
    • Logo curation in multiple formats for your business usage
    • A mission statement that sums up your business resolution
    • Brand aesthetic including color scheme & marketing material
    • Website Start up
  • A la Cart

    Miscellaneous Branding Assistance
    • Logo Creation
    • Booking Site Assistance
    • Kit Design
    • Any How to guidance
    • Social Media planning
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